• Do it Yourself
  • Easy Installation
  • Featherweight
  • No Nails Required

With NovaCrown crown moulding Home Owners, Builders, Architects and Interior Designers are no longer forced to treat their strategically important crown mouldings in the same way that they handle their baseboard mouldings, which relegate them to not only cracking and separating away from the ceiling & walls in the house’s 1 or 2 year warranty period but often becomes a permanent source of homeowner complaint.

Treat your all-important crown moulding like Royalty by using NovaCrown which adheres to the wall board – not stapled or nailed to the underlying framework – so it won’t crack.

Learn more about our proprietary paper-wrapped polystyrene crown mouldings in our product section. Which includes our crack-free installation guide, our excellent
fire ratings and our many advantages and benefits as compared with wood mouldings.

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We offer moulded polystyrene crown/cornice for interior decoration, renovation and redecoration projects in North America.

Our primary product line of attractive, economical profiles are entirely wrapped with drywall paper making it very easy for the wall & ceiling tradesman or finishing carpenter to install. The paper-wrapped profiles are available in 12′ and 14′ lengths.

Polystyrene crown mouldings are internationally renowned and accepted wherever crown mouldings are prized – over 92% of the European market uses polystyrene cornicing.

For more information, please contact Dale Forsberg at 778-908-9648.

We have never had a complaint with them from owners of the condos over cracking at the joints or anything else.

Once they are installed and finished, that’s it, we never bother with them again. It is a relief to know we can finally use crown mouldings to enhance our developments without incurring maintenance costs during the warranty period or thereafter.

- Carl Jenson
Sandalwood Development Ltd.

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